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We all want to avoid assisted living and stay in our own homes. That's why Jukebox Health streamlines the home modification process, making it possible for all older adults to age (and thrive) in place.

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Make your home safer and more comfortable

During your free home assessment, a Jukebox affiliated occupational therapist will advise you on safety tips and examine your living environment for fall risk. Your personalized wellness plan will include: 

Safety tips

 Wellness goals

Detailed home improvement recommendations

Customized for your budget

We won't recommend anything that you don't need or want. Assessing your top priorities ensure that everything you invest in will help you live your best life. 

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Review your assessment results and recommended comfort and safety improvements

2. Personalize your options

3. Get to work

If you choose us, a handyman will arrive in a mask and gloves to get the job done quickly and safely

1. Assess your needs

Schedule a free home assessment visit by a qualified home inspection specialist

How it works

Designed with your future in mind

Home is a sacred place that should be ready for all stages of your life. We help identify necessary improvements so you can continue to live as independently as possible within the comfort of your own home.

Upgrade your home

Ongoing support

We will check in periodically to see how you’re doing as well as provide personalized wellness content and programs for free.

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Outfit your home to fit all stages of your life and choose where you live and how you live.

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Jukebox introduced me to universal design and helped me identify safety risks not only for myself but for visitors. My grandson slipped in the shower the other day and one of the grab bars saved him from getting badly hurt.

Jack S.| Hicksville, NY

I invested in home renovation to keep my daughter from worrying. Thank God for the new banister–I slipped the other day on the stairs and it saved me from tumbling down. Money well spent!

Joyce B.| Southold, NY

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Let's compare how much you'd be saving by remodeling your house with Jukebox Health.

See how much investing up front will save you in the long run:

5 years

Your home renovated with our recommendations


Nursing homes in Long Island


Grab bars


Stair lifts


Improved lighting


Shower chair




Telephone emergencies


Anti-slip strips


Raised toilet seats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jukebox an assisted living facility?

No, Jukebox Health is not an assisted living facility. Jukebox Health is a home modification company. Our goal is to keep you living where you want and how you want by making your home functional and safe for you

Where do you currently operate?

Jukebox Health directly operates in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. If you are not in these areas we can either perform a digital assessment or utilize our occupational therapy and installer network, connecting you with the right team to complete your project.

How are you different from a contractor or handyman?

Jukebox Health combines the clinical expertise of an occupational therapist with the knowledge of trusted installers to complete your home modification project. We utilize clinical teams to make appropriate recommendations for your safety, function, and well-being. Our installers complete your project based on those recommendations and your personal decision about how you want to modify your home.

Are home modifications covered by insurance?

Medicare Parts A and B do not cover home modifications like grab bars, lighting, or doorway widening. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer home modifications as a supplemental benefit. You can speak with your insurance plan for more information. There are also ways to have some or all of your home modification projects covered through various community-based grants. In addition, long-term care plans may cover part of the cost for medically necessary home modifications. Lastly, home modifications can be deducted as a medical expense. Talk with your accountant for more information.

What's the first step in trying Jukebox Health?

Your home safety assessment is complimentary and at no cost to you. Our #1 priority is to provide you with an actionable plan to better understand how home modifications might fit your needs. Our intake coordinator will set up your appointment and explain our entire home assessment and reporting process. 

Do you assess the entire home?

Yes. Our home assessment experts look and evaluate every room in your home, taking extra time on the specific areas of concern you may have. 

Do I have to schedule a home safety assessment before having home modifications done?

We always suggest having an expert take a look at your home and provide all of your options. New products come out all the time and we would love to show you the various solutions we have to offer. With that said, if you know what you want, we will make sure to complete your project in a timely manner.